Is my vitamin supposed to look like this? I have been ordering the dotFIT multivitamins for a few years now and the color has been primarily white. I just received a new shipment of the multivitamin and the color is different, it is now more yellow with brown spots. I wanted to know if this is an intentional change or if I have a defective product?


Yes, all dotFIT multivitamin and mineral formulas are slightly different in looks, primarily because of the choline addition and new enteric coating. To a lesser degree on coloring and smell, all multiple vitamin and mineral (MVM) products that contain natural ingredients such as ours will have changing distinct features depending on ingredient harvesting and seasons including colors and even smell just like the plants they come from in nature. All our MVMs also use a delayed release feature so that your body absorbs and uses the ingredients more efficiently and we recently upgraded this, which also altered the coloring. At the end of the day, because our dietary supplements are in the 3rd party tested Practitioner product category, everything on the label is accurate no matter the color or taste and they follow the science - i.e. continually updated.

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